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The Platform for Mobile DeFi

Celo is a mobile first, decentralised blockchain platform enabling access to financial services. More information can be found in the documentation on

What are CELO, cUSD and cEUR?

cUSD and cEUR are stable coins on the Celo network. They track the price 1-to-1 of their real world counterparts. Stable coins are important to a blockchain platform as it enables users to send and receive amounts that aren't subject to large fluctuations in price.

CELO is the platforms native asset and is used to vote for validator groups (staking) and vote on governance proposals.

Buying CELO

You can buy CELO, cUSD and cEUR at most major exchanges,

to name a few. For a more in depth look, see the Coin Market Cap exchanges overview.


Staking is the act of voting for a validator group in the Celo network. Once a validator group has enough votes (one CELO equals one vote) they are able to elect individual validators to run on the Celo network.

Staking enables users to earn up to 5.5% APY for their investment. Rewards are paid out daily.

You can currently stake via the following methods:


You can use a few different wallets to securely store your tokens on Celo.

Each wallet has its own benefits so please take your time to research each before choosing one.

Help! I sent CELO/ETH to my Celo/Ethereum address

Don't fret! As long as you have the private key or seed phrase for the receiving account you'll be able to recover your funds.

See this guide if you've sent ETH to your Celo address, and this one if you've sent CELO to an Ethereum address.

Where can I chat with the community?

Jump into the Celo Discord and meet people from all over the world involved in the Celo ecosystem.

How can I improve this page?

Celo FAQ is of course open source! You can edit this page by submitting a pull request here.